Individual platform classes with a teacher without leaving home
Pros for learning with us
The best teachers
Innovative approach
Additional materials for each lesson
Active interaction during the lesson
Interactive homework
Atypical lessons
Take into account the individual goals of the student
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Why study mathematics with JustSchool?
Children learn through interactive tasks and plunge into the interesting world of mathematics
We work with the same topics of the school program but make it much more interesting
All online training, only computer and internet is required
Improve school grades and prepare for successful passing exams
We will teach:
Teach and solve problems with pleasure and develop mathematical thinking
Clearly explain everything that we will not break at school
Help each student to show their maximum in the exam - and even more
Online school JustSchool
This is the place where interactive classes, the best teachers and modern teaching methods await you on you
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Educational materials in one place
Access to interesting videos, articles and games
Video chat with the teacher
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How is the study?
Lessons are held through the site. These are individual classes with a teacher in real time. The website has a platform where the child not only communicates, but also performs interactive tasks. Depending on the age and the purpose of the lesson, the task is in a game or interactive form.
What device is better to work on?
Who are our teachers?
What is our teaching method?
Can parents be present during lessons?
Are there restrictions on the level of knowledge and age?