Individual and group platform classes with a teacher without leaving home
Child talks 80% of the time in English
Interactive learning, own characters who are interested in child
Unique content developed by a team of professional methodologists
Lessons for 40-50 minutes, child does not get tired
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Online school JustSchool
This is the place where interactive classes, the best teachers and modern teaching methods await you on you
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Educational materials in one place
Access to interesting videos, articles and games
Video chat with the teacher
For a child of any age
For children (6-12 years old)
  • Prepare for school
  • Form a habit
  • Make the language native
  • Teach through the game
For teenagers (12 - 17 years old)
  • Enhance the school level
  • Prepare for ZNO
  • Teach to speak
  • Control the results
Why do children like to study with us?
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The process of studying
Lessons are conducted in your personal account on the website. These are individual lessons with a teacher in live time. The account is a built-in platform where the child not only communicates, but also does some interactive tasks. Depending on the level of difficulty, tasks are in a game or interactive form.
What device is the best for studying?
Who are our teachers?
What is our methodology for teaching?
Is it possible for parents to be present during the lessons?
Are there any restrictions on the level of language proficiency and age?