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Preparation for exams in English

Prepare for international English language exams with JustSchool and get a guaranteed result! Discover opportunities for international study, work and travel

How to prepare for international English exams?

Preparation is an important step if you want to pass the exams first time. These exams are often a prerequisite for employment or education abroad, so we understand why you are so seriously worried about it. English entrance exams will not be a problem if you prepare properly:

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Lesson duration:
50 min
Number of lessons:
Course format:
Individual & Group
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How can JustSchool help you pass English exams?

If you have international English exams coming up, our school is a great place to get your foreign language skills up to par:
We have an interactive platform
During classes, you will call the teacher via video, and you will complete assignments and homework on our platform. Everything will be checked automatically.
Individual schedule
English language courses have a flexible schedule that you can easily adapt to your needs. We have groups of different levels with different schedules, and private lessons with a teacher are even more flexible. You will be able to study when it is convenient for you and not sacrifice work time and time for personal life and recreation.
Additional materials
Your language will develop not only through the lessons, but also thanks to the videos, audio and literature that the teachers will provide for additional study. In addition, you can read our blog and learn even more about English every day.

Our teachers

We offer you to study with the best teachers:
Have certificates confirming the required educational level. You can be sure that the level of their English meets your needs
Individual approach
They have a lot of experience working with students of different levels and different age groups. They will find an approach to everyone and will be able to explain complex topics in simple words.
Methodical support
Taught according to the methodology developed by our methodologists based on Cambridge. It involves a lot of video and audio materials, which makes learning more effective, easier and more interesting.


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